Fashion shoe soles

Why Big brands always choose the rubber fashion shoe sole?

1. Sturdy and wearable, high abrasion resistant 

2. Anti-slip: We have special formulation of rubber shoe soles for the oil, water, Ice, and mirror.

3. Comfortable wearing: soft, elastic, ductility, flexing resistance, not easy deformed.

4. Fashion: changing color shoe soles, anti-static shoe soles, mirror colored shoe soles, Glett, 

5. The Rubber formulation can be adjusted according to customer’s physical property. 

6. Rubber shoe soles have perfect performance of the Temperature resistance.from -40℃ up to 80℃,rubber shoe soles still keep well of the Grip and Abrasive Resistance. while other material like PVC,TPR,TR,TPU etc will become frail and rigid,easy broken.