rubber slipper sole sheet for chunky sole shoes

  • Style No.: 150795
  • Color: Customized
  • Size: 39-45♯;36-40♯ or Customized
  • Material: Rubber
  • MOQ: 300 Pairs/Size/Style
  • Payment: T/T
  • Packing: Inner bag and outer carton or Customized
  • Delivery time: 10-30 Days After Samples

About rubber slipper sole sheet for chunky sole shoes advantages:
Why Big brands always choose the rubber shoe soles?
▸Sturdy and wearable, high abrasion resistant
▸ Anti-slip: We have special formulation of rubber shoe soles for the oil, water, Ice, and mirror.
▸ Comfortable wearing: soft, elastic, ductility, flexing resistance, not easy deformed.
▸ Fashion: changing color shoe soles, anti-static shoe soles, mirror colored shoe soles, Glett,
▸The Rubber formulation can be adjusted according to customer’s physical property.
▸Shoe soles still keep well of the Grip and Abrasive Resistance. while other material like PVC,TPR,TR,TPU etc will become frail and rigid,easy broken.

 Rubber sole making process:
• Rubber shoe sole compression machine
The most popular production mode for now.  Manually handling and multi-color optional.
high request for the operators, the production efficiency depend on worker’s technical ability.

• Rubber shoe sole Injection molding machine
Trends of the High quality rubber shoe sole producing. Fully automated, low request with the workers.
The rubber material goes through the screw and barrel, after shearing and pressing. The rubber compound after intensive mixing will have better physical property.

Although the current demand for shoe soles is becoming more and more diverse, the overall performance of rubber is still irreplaceable. Rubber shoe sole is still a must-have for the high-end shoes.

Welcome to choose our rubber slipper sole sheet for chunky sole shoes.