slipper rubber shoes sole sheet

  • Style No.: 3K2A8628
  • Color: Customized
  • Size: 39-45♯;36-40♯ or Customized
  • Material: Rubber
  • MOQ: 300 Pairs/Size/Style
  • Payment: T/T
  • Packing: Inner bag and outer carton or Customized
  • Delivery time: 10-30 Days After Samples


Good temperature resistance: Rubber soles are extraordinarily strong, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +180°C.  

Durable and Abrasion Resistance: Rubber soles resistant to puncture, they can withstand a heavy amount of use without breaking, the abrasion resistance of rubber ranges from 100 to 130mm which makes it more durable than the other shoe soles.

Waterproof and skid resistance: The rubber shoe soles are waterproof, no weather will get through these rubber soles to harm the construction of the shoe. Those that live in climates with heavy rain and who enjoy getting out and about in nature will benefit most from this particular feature. Rubber soles provide better traction on wet surfaces to reduced the chance of slipping.


Flexible: When a foot slams to the ground, the vibration of that contact is passed up through the body, the vibration can be absorbed by rubber shoe soles to protect your brain from shocking.    

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